Politicians Want to Take
Our Life Savings
Fire fighters and paramedics are dedicated to protecting the lives of our neighbors. Whether it’s a natural disaster, terrorist attack or another tragedy, we answer the call.

But we are under assault by politicians who are using us as scapegoats –blaming us for the Great Recession caused by Wall Street.

The attack on our pensions would devastate our retirement security.  We understand that many Americans are hurting because of the Recession, but we will not apologize for putting our lives on the line, the dangerous work
we do, or the pensions we’ve earned.

We’re Fighting Back,
and Asking for Your Support
When politicians attack fire fighters and paramedics, something is wrong.  We’re citizens, just like you – Americans who work to better our lives and provide for our families. We’ve chosen a career in public safety to make our communities and our nation better, safer.  If politicians and Wall Street bankers succeed in their attack on us, then all Americans who work for a living will lose.


A message from the fire fighters and paramedics
of the International Association of Fire Fighters.

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After A Career
Saving Lives...
The International Firefighters Association and the Midland Firefighters Local 1315 want to inform you about what the Legislators are trying to do to Firefighters of the Nation.  Please read and support your local Firefighters!

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